Virginia Values Veterans

  Virginia Values Veterans (V3)

Mission: The V3 Team energizes Virginia's economy by teaching and incentivizing Virginia employers how to re-capitalize their workforce through recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining Veterans... 1 Employer, 1 Job, 1 Vet at a time!

V3 accomplishments since June 1, 2012 as of February 28, 2014:

208 - V3 Inter-Agency Team from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Federal, Private, and Not-for-Profit Teammates

18 - V3 Training Events

567 - Vet Ready Trained Employers

179 - V3 Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certified Employers

5,438 - Vet Jobs Pledged

3,296 - Vet Jobs

30 - Vets Retained for at least 1 year

If you are a Virginia private employer or not-for-profit organization who supports the V3 Mission and want to learn how you can join the V3 Team to help make Virginia Vet STRONG contact us at or 1-866-855-6449 Ext. 704.

If you want to learn more about how to hire and retain Vets to re-capitalize your workforce by attending a learning event or request a customized Vet Ready Assessment so your organization can build a Vet Pipeline contact us at or 1-866-855-6449 Ext. 704.

For more information about the Virginia Department of Veterans Services Virginia Values Vets program go to

On a Mission!

Joseph C. Barto, III
Founder and President
TMG, Inc.
V3 Gold Certified Employer